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The Next Generation: Generation Z

Posted by Allyson Edwards on Jun 8, 2017 9:46:06 AM

Millennials have been the main focus point for the past few years, but now, there’s a new generation ready to take the spotlight.

Generation Z is comprised of individuals born between 1995 and 2010. This generation accounts for 25.9% of the U.S. population and contributes $44 billion to the American economy.

2017 marks the first full year that Gen Z will settle into the workplace. Although there are many similarities between Gen Z and their predecessors, the Millennials, it's critical for leaders to understand the unique characteristics of this generation. 

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Top 10 Questions to Ask when Evaluating HCM Software

Posted by Allyson Edwards on May 30, 2017 3:25:55 PM

For the past 6 months, your inbox has been flooded with emails from Human Capital Management (HCM) providers trying to catch your attention. After doing your research and conducting a thorough due diligence, you’ve narrowed it down to your top three potential partners.

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Beware of These Three Leadership Traps

Posted by Guest Post on May 3, 2017 11:22:57 AM

This blog, Beware of These Three Leadership Traps, was originally posted by Wally Bock, Three Star Leadership, on April 13, 2017.


When the trap closes, it’s too late to do anything. In the physical world, we set traps for other things like mice and pantry moths. Leadership traps are more insidious because you set them for yourself and when they spring, it’s too late. Here are three of the most dangerous leadership traps.

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Understanding the Baby Boomer Generation

Posted by Allyson Edwards on Apr 25, 2017 9:41:14 AM

The Baby Boomers are working and living longer than previous generations. In addition to adopting new technologies to keep up with a diverse workforce, these 75 million Americans are also directly impacting the health care industry, as the demand for services drastically increases.

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Leadership: Create a Great Working Environment for Your Team

Posted by Guest Post on Apr 6, 2017 9:34:31 AM

This blog, Leadership: Create a Great Working Environment for Your Team, was originally posted by Wally Bock, Three Star Leadership, on March 28, 2017.

If you’re responsible for the performance of a group, then you’re a boss. And, your challenge is to create a great working environment for your team. Fortunately, we know what a great working environment looks like.

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3 Secrets of Better Performance Conversations

Posted by Guest Post on Mar 29, 2017 9:42:52 AM

This blog, 3 Secrets of Better Performance Conversations, was originally posted by Wally Bock, Three Star Leadership, on February 23, 2017.

We can laugh about it today. My new neighbor had just moved in across the street and, because he was new, he parked in just the perfect spot to block me from getting out of my own driveway. When I headed across the street, I was sure we were going to have a pretty good dust-up. I was ready. Imagine a fierce look and a clenched jaw.

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Let's Get Trendy: 2017 Recruiting Trends

Posted by Allyson Edwards on Mar 20, 2017 3:04:48 PM

The globalization of the marketplace has resulted in an extreme escalation of competition and has made talent acquisition the main focal point for most progressive high growth organizations.  

Competition, new technology, and workplace trends are changing the way that we recruit. Here’s a list of the top recruiting trends that you need to be on the lookout for in 2017:

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Mobile Recruiting

Posted by Allyson Edwards on Mar 15, 2017 10:10:04 AM

Having technology at the tip of our fingers to search, save, and apply for jobs has become an expectation for candidates looking for their dream job. 

Check out the image below and discover why your organization needs mobile friendly career pages. 

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Emotional Intelligence Depends on More than Physician Behavior

Posted by Guest Post on Mar 8, 2017 9:44:11 AM

This blog, Emotional Intelligence Depends on More than Physician Behavior, was originally written by Paul Keckley and Marina Karp on May 17, 2016.

Emotional intelligence is not a new idea. In corporate America, it’s widely recognized as an essential quality for effective leadership. In health care, the application of EQ, as it’s known, has been limited to face-to-face interactions between caregivers and patients, but it’s much more.

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Top 10 Qualities to Look for When Hiring a Healthcare Professional

Posted by Allyson Edwards on Mar 1, 2017 9:14:47 AM

Your people are your organization’s most valuable asset. Specifically, in the healthcare industry, there are a lot of considerations that you need to take into account before bringing on a new employee. Here is a list of the top 10 qualities you should look for when hiring a healthcare professional:

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