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Ask an HR Guru- What is the Biggest HR Challenge You’ve Had to Overcome?

Posted by Allyson Edwards on Sep 5, 2018 3:50:53 PM

Ask an HR Guru

HR can be a very challenging, yet rewarding profession. HR Gurus have the ability to help their people reach their full potential through guidance, opportunities, support, and more while also helping an organization grow and succeed. However, there are many difficult and strategic business decisions that may need to take place in order to take an organization to the next level.

Whether it be on the business side or the people side, there are always obstacles to overcome and lessons to be learned. For this segment of Ask an HR Guru, we asked, what is the biggest HR challenge you’ve had to overcome?  

Darci Isherwood.jpg   Darci Isherwood, HR Manager

“In a previous position I had a horrible attitude of how HR worked within the organization. I adopted the attitude of my managers who were very inflexible, demanding, and not team players. This, rightfully so, damaged my reputation. When I realized what I'd done, and those managers had left, I had to repair my relationships with the other managers. I put in the work and by the time I left the organization, I was given a going-away party and the CHRO called to see if he could change my mind on leaving.”

 Tricia Rampata.jpg  Tricia Rampata, Human Resources Associate

“I was a Deputy Title IX coordinator for a college. This was a challenging role to assume, as I was often a case manager or advisor to complainants and respondents involved in sexual assault and harassment cases the College faced. With the advent of social media and the increasingly public revelations of sexual misconduct allegations against many colleges and institutes of higher learning, Title IX complaints were often the most difficult cases to investigate and adjudicate.”


Karen Star.jpg Karen Star, Human Resources Manager

“Keeping my composure when making difficult business decisions.”   


 Blank.png  Rhonda Elliott, Chief Human Resources Officer

“ACA Compliance the first year.”


 Sara Warren.jpg  Sara Warren, Director of Human Resources

“Stop waiting for someone else to let you do something. Create a plan, present the plan, and follow-up. It may take a while, but persistence pays off.”


 Picture1.jpg  Beth Campbell, Director of Human Resources

“Although it’s improved over the years, one of the biggest challenges I’ve dealt with is organizational leaders who don’t understand and/or take seriously the impact that HR can have on an organization (positive or negative).”


Blank.png  Karina Tarkhanian, Director of Human Resources

“The biggest challenges I have had to overcome in HR would be working with limited resources. I joined the profession during the recession and employers became ultra-savvy at cost savings. However, with the current booming market, it is sometimes challenging to attract and retain top talent when companies are not willing to adjust budgets.”


Josh Galle.jpg   Joshua Galle, Senior Human Resources Business Partner

“I believe hiring people with passion, purpose, and character is more important than certain skills or competencies. Skills and competencies can be acquired on-the-job; however, passion, purpose, and character is something that is deeper, it’s a result of one’s upbringing, and is refined throughout life experiences; therefore, it’s not easily created or duplicated in the workforce. You either have it, or you don’t.”

This concludes this segment of Ask an HR Guru. If you’re an HR Guru and want to participate, click here to view questions and submit your responses. 

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