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PeopleGuru Blog

PeopleGuru Blog

How To Prepare for an HCM Deployment with a January Go Live

Posted by Steve Cohen on Aug 1, 2018 10:02:29 AM

HCM Calendar

With the summer almost over and fall quickly approaching, HR leaders are kicking into high gear planning for Benefit Open Enrollment, Budget Planning, Compliance Reporting, and Mid-Year Reviews. If you are like so many other HR leaders of mid-market organizations, you may have elected to upgrade or deploy a new Human Capital Management (HCM) software platform with a January go live.

Starting the new year with a modern day HCM platform designed to help you achieve your objectives can be ideal for most organizations. You have a unique opportunity to design your new house from the ground up to ensure you maximize your investment in technology and your people.

A successful outcome is contingent on both the client and the vendor being accountable to executing on their responsibilities, as outlined in a well-defined project plan. To avoid being ill-prepared for what will be expected of you and your team during your HCM deployment, consider the following:

  1. Can you define how you will measure success? Goals and metrics?
  2. What are the desired outcomes of the project?
  3. Have you conducted a detailed review of your current processes?
  4. How will you handle change management?
  5. Have you decided on your project lead and do they have solid project management experience?
  6. Are the key business stakeholders engaged and aligned with the project?
  7. Which team members will be trained and do their calendars support the training curriculum?
  8. How accessible is your own data? Will you need help with data migration?
  9. Do you have the resources to conduct data validation?
  10. What is your understanding of your desired workflows, transaction approval processes?

Calendar management is critical when it comes to preparing for any form of technology deployment. With holidays approaching, PTO requests, and unforeseen setbacks, the calendar can be your friend or enemy. To help you stay on track, download this sample HCM Phase 1 Deployment Calendar. 

Download Calendar

This blog was written by Steve Cohen, Chief Revenue Guru at PeopleGuru. This post may not be copied or published without permission.

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