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3 Ways to Recruit Recent College Graduates

Posted by Alexa Rivera on May 17, 2022 2:50:49 PM
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It’s that time of year again! College students are graduating and moving forward with their careers. In light of the great resignation, this can be a huge opportunity for companies to rebound from any recent losses and dig their heels into fresh talent!

Why Recruit Recent Graduates?

It can feel risky hiring young professionals fresh out of school to be integral parts of your workforce. Nonetheless, there is no doubt that there are plenty of benefits that come with hiring fresh talent.

For starters, new graduates are incredibly willing to learn on the job! College graduates have a level of enthusiasm and adaptability that is not always found in tenured individuals that have been in their careers for some time. This allows employers the opportunity to mold young adults into the position perfectly with no prior biases.

Another benefit to recruiting recent graduates, is that they contribute to an overall more diverse workforce. According to What to Become, Businesses with strong diversity are 35% more likely to be successful. Having multiple age groups within your organization can improve collaboration, especially with partners that help make managing a diverse workforce a seamless process.

3 Ways to Recruit Graduates


1. Be active on college campuses

Sponsoring an event like an on-campus workshop can give employers the opportunity to connect with recent graduates on a more personal level. This will ultimately improve the selection process for the business immensely further down the line as those attending the workshops are more likely to be motivated and successful in the workforce.


2. Appear at a college career fair

Career fairs attract a wide variety of eager graduates looking to get their careers started. Walking them through a day in the life at the company and the potential for growth while recruiting will ultimately lead to an incredible employee of your choosing.


3. Post on career sites

Career sites like indeed or even LinkedIn are great options for employers looking to attract tons of applicants. Ultimately, any organization needs a solid career page. PeopleGuru offers recruiting technology to make job posting easy and on the same single platform you use for your workforce following the interviewing and hiring process. 

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