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5 HR New Year’s Resolutions for 2020

Posted by Allyson Edwards on Jan 6, 2020 11:34:14 AM
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The beginning of the new year is the perfect time to review your priorities and set goals for the year to come. For HR Gurus, this means going well beyond setting personal New Year’s resolutions like losing weight or eating healthy. It means reviewing people processes, recognizing weaknesses, and crafting a strategy for how to improve.

Check out these 5 HR New Year’s resolutions for 2020:

1. Align Employee Goals with Organization Goals

Do your employees' goals align with your team's goals? Your organization’s goals? Goal alignment connects employees and teams and gives that feeling that everyone is working together, leading to a more motivated and engaged workforce. 

Milestones are a great way to provide transparency and show how employee contributions are building towards team and organization success. Another great way to align an organization is to encourage leadership to do a better job communicating with its people by sharing its goals and the direction of the company. 

2. Retention! Retention! Retention!

What was your retention rate in 2019? Did you lose some key team members? Were you shocked when someone resigned?

You invest a lot in hiring and developing your people, so invest in retaining them. Initiate pulse surveys, encourage managers to schedule regular one-on-one meetings with their people, and review your compensation strategy to ensure it’s competitive. Your people are your most valuable asset and what keeps your organization moving- don’t lose them.

3. Make Working Remote Easier

The ability to work from home is no longer considered a luxury, as flexibility has become an expectation, and managers that are still wrapped around the misconceptions of working from home may be missing out. In fact, organizations that support remote work experience 25% lower turnover rate and a boost in overall productivity.

The ability to work from anywhere, at any time, is the future so make sure that your people have the technology and tools that they need to be successful in working remote.

Furthermore, not only can supporting remote workers improve your retention rate, but it can also enhance the quality of hires, as it allows you to expand your talent pool and attract talent across the globe versus recruiting within a specific geographical area.

4. Invest in Analytics

Clean, accurate, and consistent data is HR’s greatest weapon. Data helps HR make better people decisions that directly impacts an organization’s bottom line. In a Deloitte study, only 39% of respondents stated that they have good quality data for people-related decision making. Inaccurate data usually stems from a system that was not configured correctly from the start, manual human error, or data that is pulled from multiple systems.

Although analytics can’t solve every challenge, it can provide insight into areas of the business that are excelling or under-performing. 85% of organizations that invest and emphasize the importance of analytics experience revenue growth greater than 7%.

5. Review Recruiting Strategy

Contingent workers now account for 34% of the U.S workforce. As people continue to ditch the 9-5 desk jobs and shift towards a more project-based career, HR may need to redefine its recruiting strategy to ensure its attracting all types of workers. This might include venturing out to recruiting sites like Freelancer or Thumbtack.

If you do decide to revise your recruiting strategy, be sure HR has a plan on how to engage all types of workers, as some may be remote, and more importantly, ensure that your organization has a way to pay these people.

As always, HR has a lot on its plate, but now is the time to take a step back and make resolutions for the new year. What are your 2020 HR resolutions? Share in the comments section below.

This post was written by Allyson Edwards and may not be copied or published without PeopleGuru's express written permission.

Topics: Leadership, Workforce Management, HR, Culture

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