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5 Simple Tips on Improving Internal Brand Awareness

Posted by Guest Post on Oct 13, 2020 7:45:00 AM


Every year, companies invest billions in branding and marketing strategies to attract more external attention to their companies. Every business needs a robust external branding campaign to ensure that their business and products resonate with customers.

Unfortunately, an extensive focus on how outside entities react to a company often leads teams to forget about the value of internal branding.

If you want to succeed in today’s competitive landscape, you don’t just need an organization that speaks to your consumers. You need something that impresses employees and future candidates too.

Internal branding is your chance to demonstrate why your employees should invest their time and energy into helping your companies grow. Build the right internal brand culture, and you benefit from access to the best talent, more committed team members, and greater creativity.

So, where do you get started?

1.  Create Your Mission Statement

The first step in getting your employees united behind a shared brand identity is figuring out what your purpose is as a company. Without a clear direction and a set of values, your business lacks the sense that drives true excellence in your team members. Defining your goals and showcasing the philosophies and principles that make you special helps your team to understand your company.

According to some research, companies with a pronounced sense of purpose generally outperform other companies by up to 400%. Start by looking at what “success” is for your business – aside from making money. How can you help people and make the world a better place?

Get your entire team invested in the mission you create by “selling” them this idea. Show them how they’re going to contribute to your goal, and what that means for the world.

2.  Empower and Enhance Your Staff

Your employees are the key to a successful internal brand and a good company culture. When you're trying to retain existing employees, they'll look for evidence that they're surrounded by like-minded and supportive people. When you're hiring new talent, the people who apply will look at your existing employees' experiences first.

Empower your staff to be the best that they can be by investing in training opportunities and workshops that will expand their skills. This will make your team happier by allowing them to strengthen their chances of future opportunities. At the same time, it means your business benefits from more qualified employees.

3.  Encourage Feedback and Act on It

The easiest way to find out what to do to improve your internal branding is to speak to your employees. They see what's going on with your company culture from the inside, and they also have an excellent view of what's really working for your team.

If you think that your people might be nervous about explaining what's actually going on for them, and what they don't like about your business, give them anonymous feedback forms.

You don't necessarily need to know who might be reporting certain problems. You just need to see where your issues are so you can make a change.

4.  Engage Employees Regularly

Engagement is one of the most valuable things you can generate in your business team. Your team needs to be engaged and invested in your business if they're going to perform at their best. With that in mind, consider how you can encourage your team members to get involved.

For instance, you may host group brainstorming sessions based on the feedback you receive so everyone in your team can offer suggestions on what to do differently. Taking your employees' suggestions seriously and acting on them will show that you value their opinion.

Even just having regular and effective team meetings is enough to ensure that your staff feel heard, understood, and valued. Just be sure that everyone feels comfortable sharing in these meetings.

5.  Recognize and Reward

Finally, don't be afraid to show your employees that you value their efforts. Internal branding thrives when your team members feel respected and satisfied.

You don't necessarily need to give your team a bonus every time they do something right. A simple pat on the back or a "thank you" in a meeting can be enough to make them feel special.

Rewards and recognition are your chance to show your team that you see the contribution they're making and appreciate the work they're doing. If you do want to splash a little cash, then it might be worth looking into fun treats like work-based pizza parties or paid days off.

A gift for a tremendous accomplishment will make it more likely that your team will want to try extra hard to achieve the same results in the future.

Improving Internal Branding

Branding is essential for any business. It's a vital part of leaving the right impression on your target audience. However, it's crucial not to focus exclusively on external efforts. Internal branding is just as valuable when you're trying to engage your team and attract new talent to your staff.

Get your internal branding efforts right, and you'll be more likely to accomplish your business goals. A great company culture leads to happier, more productive workers, better access to skills, and reduced employee turnover.

This guest post is written by Ashley Wilson and may not be copied or published without PeopleGuru's express written permission. Ashley is a content creator, writing about business and tech. She has been known to reference movies in casual conversation and enjoys baking homemade treats for her husband and their two felines, Lady and Gaga. You can get in touch with Ashley via Twitter.

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