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5 Ways to Enhance Job Searching Using Artificial Intelligence

Posted by Guest Post on Jan 18, 2022 10:22:26 AM


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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now a normal part of many of our lives. There are huge benefits to be gained from its use, such as having an Alexa in our homes. However, it is crucial to remember that AI is not a replacement for human intelligence. It has been around for decades and has benefited from research and improvements made in this time. Besides its use in the home, AI has massive potential for people searching for jobs.

Believe it or not, more and more hiring managers are looking into using AI to hiring people in the future. In fact, according to Vox, LinkedIn reported that 67% of hiring managers and recruiters saw AI as a time-saver, meaning that it helped make the hiring process easier and faster.

So, how can AI enhance the job search?

Here are 5 ways that job searching can be enhanced with AI:


Allows for Easy Search

At first glance, the hiring process can be tedious for both the job seeker and the hiring manager. According to Ideal, 52% of Talent Acquisition leaders suggest that the most difficult part of recruitment is screening candidates from a large talent pool.

The good news is, the use of AI in job searching is massively more efficient than manually trawling dozens of jobs based on keyword search alone. By providing a form of artificial intelligence with location, background, recent searches, and job history capabilities, a candidate can have jobs sent to them that they are most qualified for. More sophisticated AI reacts to searches that are entered and adjusts its suggestions accordingly.

“Searching in this way gives more time to the candidate to prepare their personal statements and resumes,” says Sophie Christine, a tech writer at Write my X and 1 Day 2 write. “Wasting time searching is a thing of the past if artificial intelligence is used correctly.”

Hiring Time Is Reduced

Before AI, it took hiring managers so much time to take a candidate through the hiring process – whether they get the job or not. On average, according to Allwork.Space, it takes an HR manager 23 hours to hire at least one person. But what if the hiring process can go faster than that?

Teams and companies that use AI in their recruitment process see massive benefits. Rather than ploughing through resumes for potential candidates, artificial intelligence can select for the company based on specific qualifications. Keywords linked to skills and experience allows the system to quickly eliminate unsuitable candidates.

There is also the option of keeping the process anonymous by hiding names from the company. During the application process, a list of FAQs can be set up which are used to respond to candidate queries, rather than having a phone line available. This results in instant answers for applicants without needing to pick up the phone.


Think Netflix!

Traditionally when searching for a job, candidates would enter some keywords into a search engine on a jobs page or contact people within their network for any inside knowledge. There is nothing wrong with this, but there is a risk of missing out on new opportunities.

Artificial intelligence utilizes keywords that you search for and makes suggestions from outside of your usual searches – much like your Netflix recommendations. This offers a wider range of options and may lead to a better opportunity than the candidates’ initial searches.

According to, you’ll need to know some of the following tips on using keywords in the hiring process:

  •  Select 3 to 5 terms relating to the job and its description.
  • Do not overuse said terms throughout your job description.
  • Read your job description aloud to check for awkward phrasing.
  • Use bullet points.
  •  The job description should be at least 150 words, but not too long.
  • Avoid jargon or using abbreviations.

The Robot Will See You Now

Companies are using AI as part of the interview process as well. In doing so, they are taking out any potential favoritism and eliminating biases. This form of interview also takes less time to complete. The format of the interview is often very different, with some companies interviewing people simultaneously using video game logic. In other words, interviewers can assess the candidates’ qualities using an algorithm provided by AI.

“There is an algorithm at work in this process which suggests the best person or persons for the job,” says Daniel Richard, a leading journalist and writer at Origin Writings and Brit Student. “AI, with its learned information on file, can tell you more about a person than what can be said on a resume. By assessing each candidate’s qualifications based on their recorded job history, education, and so on, you’re able to visualize the individual more clearly when hiring.”

Some artificial intelligence is even set up to invite a candidate for the next stage of interview or to send a job offer proposal.


Seeing If You’re A Good Fit Or Not?

Now, everyone who applies for jobs worries they may not be qualified for the position, but using AI can take this concern away. AI takes away emotions and doubts that are common amongst humans. It also takes out any bias towards jobs by dealing with only facts within the algorithm.

Quite often, job descriptions and personal specifications can be long and wordy and take a while to understand and break down. Artificial intelligence provides you with an answer regarding your suitability for a post in a very clear, unemotional way. You no longer need to debate applying for a job where you only meet some of requirements.

Wrapping Up

Simply ignoring or avoiding AI in job searching, hiring, and recruiting is not a wise decision. This doesn't mean that the future belongs to robots, but it does mean they are here to stay. The strength and power of a robot still belongs to the humans who shape them, and this will remain the case in the future.

George J. Newton is an up-and-coming business development manager at Academic Brits and Dissertation writing service. He has been married for well over 10 years, perfecting the art of the apology throughout. He also writes informal articles for Coursework writer.

This guest blog was written by George J. Newton and may not be copied or published without PeopleGuru's express written consent. 

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