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Ask an HR Guru- What's Your HR Superpower?

Posted by Allyson Edwards on May 8, 2018 9:13:01 AM
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Ask an HR Guru

When we think of superheroes, we often think of fighting villains in eccentric costumes with ungodly powers. These costumes and powers are cool and entertaining, but it’s the way superheroes like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman use their superpowers to perform genuine acts of kindness that turn us into raving superhero fans.

Same is true in the workplace. HR superheroes are behind the scenes heroes that work tirelessly every day to deliver greatness to their people, workplace, and community. Although they may not be able to fly or become invisible, HR Gurus possess superpowers of their own. In this segment of Ask an HR Guru, we asked HR professionals: What’s your HR superpower?


HR Guru Karina Tarkhanian, Director of Human Resources

“Being able to convince senior leaders on the importance of investing in our employees! Payroll and benefits are the biggest chunk of revenue and it can be difficult to convince investors why it is important to maintain competitive salaries.  A sound HR practitioner will be able to convince senior leaders that motivated engaged top talented is the ultimate return on investment.”

Josh Galle  Joshua Galle, Senior Human Resources Business Partner

“I have a keen sense of knowing talent, and the ability to attract and influence people.”

Darci Isherwood Darci Isherwood, HR Manager

“My investigative skills are fairly good.  I've been complimented by other managers at my ability to get to the bottom of a situation and to put stories together.”

HR Guru Alfredo Fernandez, International Human Resources Manager

“Being fearless. I thoroughly understand the nature of labor laws and application of our company policies.”

 Beth Campbell Beth Campbell, Director of Human Resources

“Compassion.  Without it I wouldn’t be in HR.”

HR Guru Michael Hillmer, Human Resources Director

“I know it is a bit of a cliché, but I genuinely like people.  Employees are the biggest asset and investment of any business and without them, businesses will fail.  Being passionate about people allows me to stay even keel in high stress situations. I don’t always have the answer, but I will make sure that “we” find it.”

 Sara Warren Sara Warren, Director of Human Resources

“Let your ideas be their ideas. If you plant enough seeds with the right people, they will eventually catch on and have a great idea. Let it be their idea and support them to get it accomplished. It is amazing how many mountains you can move with a team that doesn’t care who gets the credit.”

 Tricia Rampata Tricia Rampata, Human Resources Associate

“I am an enthusiastic Health and Wellness advocate for my employer’s Wellness programs. Throughout the time I worked as the Wellness Committee chairperson, I have enjoyed helping employees discover ways to lead a more healthful and productive life. Even now, we have instituted a three-o’clock stretch for any interested employees to join!”

This concludes this segment of Ask an HR Guru. If you’re an HR Guru and want to participate, click here to view questions and submit your responses. 

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