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Ask an HR Guru- Why HR?

Posted by Allyson Edwards on Mar 5, 2018 3:43:43 PM
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HR Gurus are the ones on the frontline that directly interact with your people and continuously work to make a difference in your organization day in and day out. The tight-knit HR community is comprised of passionate HR Gurus who are committed to grow as independent professionals, but also dedicated to learning new ways in which they can help improve their people and organizations.

At PeopleGuru, we love HR Gurus and want to share their stories. That is why we have reached out to HR Gurus from across the country to hear what they have to say. Our first question in the series, Ask an HR Guru is: What ultimately led you to enter into the HR profession?

 Picture1.jpg  Beth Campbell, Director of Human Resources

“After graduating with a degree in I/O Psychology I wanted to find a way to help employers be better at the human side of business while, at the same time, helping employees be the best they can be.”

 Kathryn Costello.jpg  Kathryn Costello, HR Business Partner

“I wanted to be involved in the people strategy part of the business. It’s people that make businesses and I wanted to be on the team that figures out how to leverage people to deliver results.”

 Blank.png  Rhonda Elliott, Chief Human Resources Officer

“I completely stumbled into HR by accident. I quit to be a stay at home mom, but quickly figured out I was not a stay at home mom. I called my old employer and HR was the only job open. I accepted the offer and the rest is history. My great history.”

Josh Galle.jpg   Joshua Galle, Senior Human Resources Business Partner

“My HR career started in between college semesters as an HR Generalist, and then continued in military service in the US Marines. I primarily trained as an Infantryman preparing for my 2 combat tours in Fallujah, Iraq, but also received on-job-training in Human Resources (Personnel & Legal Administration).

After my active-duty military service, I took an account executive position with a staffing company. It was there where I developed a passion for recruiting. I transitioned into the reserves and also managed an HR team of 15 Marines in support of a local Marine Reserve unit of a 1,000 personnel.

 I held HR leadership roles with two startups and eventually landed an HR position at a Fortune 100 healthcare company. As a talent acquisition program manager and recruiting leader, I was instrumental in the design and launch of a nationwide veteran recruiting program, in connection with the President's national call to action on veteran employment, and led a team of recruiters. Today I am a Senior HR Business Partner for the largest health plan in Georgia.  I ultimately chose HR because I love the art of influence and making an impact in lives around me!”

 Greg Harper.jpg  Greg Harper, Vice President of Human Resources

I received my undergrad degree in two majors: Corporate Finance and Personal Finance. While I was starting to look at pursuing a graduate degree, I went around and spoke with different functional areas within my organization (Amoco) at the time. What I liked about HR was that there was a variety of activities on a given day (if you chose to go the generalist route) or you could specialize in an area as well.”

Darci Isherwood.jpg   Darci Isherwood, HR Manager

I found an interest in HR when I was working as an Assistant Underwriter for an insurance company.  I thought the work looked interesting, but was told I wouldn't be a candidate for the position until I got a degree. Two degrees, 2 certifications, and 20+ years later, here I am!”

 Tricia Rampata.jpg  Tricia Rampata, Human Resources Associate

“After a very successful twenty-one-year career as high tech sales executive for nationally recognized companies such as Digital (HP), Corel (WordPerfect) and EMC in the Washington, DC area, I decided it was time for a change of scenery (and weather) and moved to sunny Saint Augustine, where I was offered a Benefits Coordinator position in Human Resources.  I was happy to have entered a profession which I truly enjoyed helping people understand their benefits and meet and exceed their career expectations.” 

Blank.png  Karina Tarkhanian, Director of Human Resources

“Choosing HR was both accidental and yet planned. My career goal was to practice law, however, in my last year of college, I joined a Sports Agency as Office Manager/ Executive assistant and supported two agents. During that time, I was prepping for the LSATS and let one of my bosses know I was planning on law school. He put me in touch with his Dad with whom I had great rapport with. He was an awesome, jolly man who was a prominent attorney representing the officers in the Rodney King Trial. 

In that very informative conversation, I learned a lot about the profession and how half of licensed attorneys are unhappy with this career decision. That’s when I decided to research professions that would be close to law, but also centered around people and growing them professionally and personally.....VOILA HR was born! 

I humbly resigned from my position at the Sports firm and took on an HR Administrative job at a Hotel for a major pay cut, but opportunity to learn underneath one of the most reputable and knowledgeable HR Directors.”

 Sara Warren.jpg  Sara Warren, Director of Human Resources

“I really wanted to be a teacher. After realizing they teach the same thing each year, I realized Corporate Training would be a better path. I got into HR as a way to lead into Corporate Training; however, I enjoyed it so much that I stayed. Training is still a big part of what I do, so it is the best of both worlds.”

 Twilla Watson.jpg  Twilla Watson, Human Resources Manager

“To be a voice for the employees while maintaining the company’s integrity.”

This concludes this segment of Ask an HR Guru. If you’re an HR Guru and want to participate, click here to view questions and submit your responses. 

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