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Celebrating National Payroll Week

Posted by Allyson Edwards on Sep 5, 2017 11:41:50 AM
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National Payroll Week (NPW) was founded by the American Payroll Association (APA) in 1996. Coinciding with Labor Day, National Payroll Week is a time to celebrate and appreciate the hard work of your people and payroll professionals.

As an HR, Payroll, and Talent Management software provider, PeopleGuru will be celebrating all of our hard working Gurus with various team activities. We encourage all employers to do the same by taking the time to show your appreciation for the people that continuously contribute to your organization’s success. Here are a few ways ways to participate: 

Decorate the Office

Deck your office out with signs, banners, and balloons. A fun and festive working environment will make your people happy, build unity between team members, and boost productivity. Decorations are affordable and a good way to visually represent your gratitude.


Take a break with office bingo! An interactive version of bingo encourages your people to get up and socialize with other employees. Make it competitive with a prize for the first BINGO! You can create your own cards or click here for PeopleGuru's Office Bingo card.

Office Bingo Card

Team Lunch

Depending on your organization’s unique culture, you can order pizzas, hold a potluck, or even host a BBQ. Bringing your people together for a meal or sharing favorite recipes is a great way to break up the day, foster strong relationships, and build a people-focused culture.

Fun Payroll Facts

Payroll processing is a very important aspect to every organization. Educate your people on your processes, various taxes, and other need-to-know payroll information through trivia games or fun facts. See if you can pass our Payroll Guru Quiz. 

Take the Quiz

Say “Thank You”

This is the easiest way to acknowledge your people, but often the most overlooked. Take the time to tell your people thank you for their hard work. These two simple words can go a very long way and boost overall morale. 

The end of the year is quickly approaching, which is a very busy time for your people and especially payroll professionals. Take advantage of this week long celebration and show appreciation for your people and all of the work they do!

This blog was written by Ally Edwards, Marketing Guru at PeopleGuru. This post may not be copied or published without permission.

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