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Recognizing Payroll Professionals

Posted by Allyson Edwards on Sep 14, 2020 8:50:51 AM
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In honor of National Payroll Week, employees at organizations throughout the U.S.  spread the payroll love by taking a few moments to nominate and share some kind words about payroll professionals that continuously go above and beyond for their people and organization.

Please help us in celebrating and giving kudos to the following payroll professionals:

Allison Saberniak linkedin Allison Saberniak, SMS Assist 

Allison deserves to be recognized because she has a tremendous amount of work to do on a bi-weekly basis to ensure all of our 850+ employees are paid correctly every time! She is always available to help answer any questions our employees have about their payroll.

Allison also helps with leaves, benefits, and other things that come up that affect an employee's pay. She always explains to the other HR partners how daily tasks can affect an employees pay so that we can ensure pay is calculated correctly and consistently for all employees.

I feel safe and secure knowing that Allison is running our payroll. Her compassion and support for others is what makes her truly irreplaceable.

Allison is the first person everyone comes to with an HR question because she is so friendly and the employees love her. She works tirelessly day and night to single handedly complete payroll for our company. She is many times the person behind the screen that not many realize does so much work. Allison is hilarious and always there for her coworkers whether they need help with something at work or just a listening ear.


angelosman linkedin Angel Osman, Adams County Regional Medical Center

Angel handles all of the payroll processing for our hospital. There are many different types of pay for many different types of hours worked, and everything goes seamlessly every time, even with very tight time constraints.


linkedin Angelica Ramirez, SDI Media

Angelica always follows up professionally and never lets anyone see her sweat!


aprilgarcia linkedin April Garcia, Horseshoe Bay Resort

With the furlough of her paymaster, April, as Accounting Manager, had to step into her old role and run the bi-weekly payroll in addition to her other responsibilities. With employees returning from furlough and working all over the place in different jobs, she has performed herculean work to sort out job codes, track tips, and ensure everyone is paid properly every time. When there is a problem with someone's pay, April sticks with the research and solution implementation so the employee feels as little inconvenience as possible. April does all of this while maintaining a positive, professional attitude.


Cameron Coleman, 4Front Ventures

Our payroll team consist of only Cam. He flawlessly juggles running payroll bi-weekly (For 16 entities 500 employees), over 30 states of taxes, and fields all employee and corporate questions and concerns SOLO. Unfortunately, we have grown so fast we have failed to truly recognize how much he does.


linkedin Carol Schellhorn, Illinois Bone & Joint Institute

Carol is responsible for processing payroll for over 1600 employees. She has never missed a pay date, works holidays just to make sure payroll is complete, and arranges her time off around payroll dates. She NEVER complains about the amount of work involved and is always available to our employees for questions, etc.


CC linkedin Ceshia Wilder, American Osteopathic Association

Ceshia deserves to be recognized because she's an outstanding payroll professional and leader!


linkedin Clarence Spivey, Surterra Wellness

Clarence is a fantastic payroll supervisor and he always makes sure everything is taken care of!


Dana Fryar linkedin Dana Fryar, St. John’s Packaging 

Dana is amazing! She makes certain payroll is accomplished on time, in spite of being the Safety Supervisor in our facility, also! She keeps a level head and maintains a positive attitude. Dana brings positive energy to every assignment she is confronted with. Did I mention, after putting in more than a days works in the office, she goes home to help her husband on the farm? She is simply the best!


Dana Schmitt, Four Oaks Family and Children Services

Dana started this position during the pandemic, spent HOURS after regular work hours to train with the person he was replacing, and he hasn't missed a beat since. We have had quite a few "out of the ordinary" situations, such as COVID leave, double pay, Derecho leave, and with all of it on top of being new! He has handled it with dedication, accuracy, and compassion....I could not be more happy that he is on my team!


linkedin Dawn Walton, VENUS Fashion

Dawn is an absolutely stellar payroll professional. She manages bi-weekly payroll for our 700+ team members, solo. With numerous types of ever-changing pay differentials, pay codes, multiple overtime calculations, taxes, etc., she seems to manage all of this with ease, while managing various other projects, ad-hoc reports, and serves as our HRIS expert to the entire company. If that wasn't enough, Dawn is always one to offer a helping hand with large projects and new company initiatives (often non-payroll related). She is extremely efficient and knowledgeable always bringing new insight to our team, and just a pleasure to work with.

Debroah Coffey Deborah Coffey, Sandy Alexander

Deborah works diligently with managers and supervisors to correct time sheet errors so 350 employees are paid correctly every two weeks.


DenaNachtman linkedin Dena Nachtman, Platte River Power Authority

Dena is extremely accurate when processing checks. She stays abreast of current legislation and acts as a consultant to our operations team on scheduling and pay matters all while ensuring compliance.


DeniseThreatt linkedin Denise Threatt, Harper Corporation of America

Denise has been doing payroll and benefits for the company for almost 28 years. Denise also handles HR. It's a thankless, but a very enjoyable job to be able to help others.


Donna Powers linkedin Donna Powers, Sheltering Arms

Donna goes above and beyond to ensure that the organization is served well. She works extended hours consistently without complaint. She is service oriented, helpful, and highly accountable. Donna does not leave strings hanging. She is thorough in ensuring clarity and consistency in processing payroll and AP. It is a pleasure to have Donna as a member of the team!


Jane Jewell, Bond Distributing

Jane has gone above and beyond in processing payroll for our team over the past 6 months (and always). She's handled changes in comp levels and scheduling adeptly and is always available to pitch in and help. She does an excellent job and we are so lucky to have her on our team.


janina linkedin Janina Arguello & linkedin Migdalina Santos

Goodwill Industries of South Florida

Migdalina and Janina take great responsibility, deliver quality work, and are great human beings. Not to leave out their professionalism in addition to being team players and good colleagues.


jeannettecastillo linkedin Jeannette Castillo, United Hebrew

Jeanette Castillo is not only a professional and excellent processor of payroll, she is also a kind person who has the added feature of being an understanding and empathetic person to all of our employees. She has that Human Resource touch about her and she is genuinely a great person to be around. She is actually having her first baby and what she is most worried about is the employees getting their paychecks done correctly. She has been here over 12 years and I and the staff don't know what we would have done without her.


Jill Petronio, Elizabethtown College

Jill troubleshoots and maintains the programming of the interface (data file export and import) to our SIS, manages the time clocks, and provides software support to users. Jill has NEVER missed a pay in 20 years.


KateFlynn linkedin Kate Flynn, Nextech Systems

Kate is awesome! She goes above and beyond and handles every single detail of employee pay exceptionally, with kindness, patience and a smile. So grateful for Kate!


LauraCastenada linkedin Laura CastaÑeda, Inogen

Laura is the rock star in our payroll department. She is always willing to go the extra mile. Stay late, work on holidays, and do whatever she has to do in order to make sure our employees get paid.


linkedin Lisa Carrier, DACCO

Lisa is a loyal, dedicated 27-year employee with our non-profit organization and always, always makes time for others regardless of whether she's processing our bi-weekly payroll or how busy she is. She even goes as far as scheduling her time off around her payroll responsibilities. She is a true professional!!!


 Liz Alexander linkedin Liz Alexander, Caliva

Liz goes above and beyond with all aspects of her job. She sows a bias towards action when there is a break in the process and is always willing to help when needed.


Liz Schroeder, Felician Village

Liz always invests in the people that she is processing payroll for. She is dedicated to her profession and wants to make the processes better. A true role model for the rest of us.


linkedin Maureen Tyahla, YMCA of Greater St. Petersburg

Maureen is always on top of things! She has sacrificed having holidays off when they fall on a day that payroll must be submitted. She hasn't missed a beat in 16 years! She even worked to submit payroll while we were in the path of hurricane Irma! Maureen is certainly part of the glue that holds our YMCA together!


Michael Stevenson, Crestview Center

Michael just doesn't sit in his office. He makes 2-3 rounds on the units daily. He has good knowledge of his duties and keeps us well informed. He's polite, professional, and willing to help others.


Michelle Bukey linkedin Michelle Bukey, Homestead Companies

Michelle has demonstrated extraordinary dedication to Homestead Companies during difficult times. She dedicated her personal time on evenings and weekends to help the company navigate hurdles specific to the COVID-19 pandemic. Michelle's work in extracting payroll data from two separate systems, was absolutely essential in Homestead securing a PPP loan for the company. Additionally, setting up the coding for Families First Coronavirus Act (FFCRA) paid sick leave and extended FMLA. She worked with our payroll provider to ensure she understood the integration of these new pay codes and could apply them to our staff immediately. We honestly don't know what we would do without her! Her extra efforts made a positive impact on the daily lives of our employees. Thanks Michelle!



Nate goes above and beyond to ensure the company payroll is accurate; employees are responded to timely and satisfied with his assistance and guidance; and does all this keeping a pleasant demeanor. 


linkedin Rhonda Mutyabule, Wings Financial

Rhonda always strives for the best and works hard to ensure that our employees are paid accurately and timely. She handles questions with grace and is very patient with both employees and leaders.


linkedin Rita Williams-Ellingwood, Blind Industries and Services of Maryland

Great attention to detail and dedication to the organization.


Rowena Hemingway, ICI Homes

Rowena is a dedicated professional who gives her all to make sure payroll is accurate and timely... never misses a beat.


Sherry McKinley, Omni Hotels

Sherry is OUTSTANDING. She is detailed, organized, and LOVES PAYROLL with a passion. She partners with every level associates in the hotel to ensure that pay is accurate and that any discrepancies from job coding to errors in pay rates are captured. Sherry can be counted on to be a guru that you can trust with extreme confidentiality and is modest in the important role she plays for our team. Sherry was asked to oversee three other hotel properties as part of a complexing project from our Corporate offices and did an amazing job juggling multiple responsibilities and variations in processes. Sherry is a Payroll professional we are blessed to work with. I have to admit she is the G.O.A.T of Payroll! Truly appreciate and could not do it without her! THANK YOU MRS. SHERRY!

Susan Lynch Susan Lynch, Cooperative for Human Services

Susan has been in payroll for over 30 years and during COVID, she worked almost every day at the office to make sure everyone was paid.

Susan is a payroll expert! She makes sure that employees are always paid on time. Even during the pandemic, she came into the office to make sure that employees were paid. Susan is also a great person to work with!


Teresa Adams, Landmark Automotive Group

For over two decades, Teresa has been managing a very complex and challenging payroll in the automotive sales & service retail sector. A group of six dealerships, Teresa manages four of them and none of them are consistent in their pay structures. Information sharing and department managers remain steadfast in using archaic methods to communicate sales incentives & bonuses. Even using "post-it notes" left on her desk! Teresa has to communicate with over 25 department managers regarding accuracy of incentive & bonus pay, has to do both a bi-weekly and weekly payroll, union and non-union payroll, pay automotive technicians on straight hourly and "flat-rate" hourly systems. This message box is far too small to go into the detail and industry historic complexities of "flat-rate" pay to "mechanics". In summary, Teresa is tasked with the often unsung and unrecognized difficult challenges of getting payroll correct for over 200 employees every week. She's a "payroll champ".


Teresa Dudek, Hope Healthcare

Teresa is a hands on people person in our organization with the unique blend of Human Resources background and financial acumen. She conducts live training on day 2 of new hire orientation so that all staff members know how to accurately complete their time card. She also sits with new managers for several payroll cycles to ensure they understand their role and responsibilities in the payroll process.

Teresa has developed an extensive audit process where she reads the timecard comments of all 950 staff members to ensure everyone is accurately paid. She then reaches out to managers when she sees an anomaly so it can be corrected before processing is finalized. All of this is done on a very tight turn around time of 48 business hours from end of pay period until funds are deposited into employee bank accounts.


Tom Wolf linkedin Thomas Wolf, Wolf Financial Group

Tom always goes above and beyond to make our payroll process easy and efficient. He is amazing and always accurate.


tiffanyway linkedin Tiffany Way, YMCA of Greater Syracuse

Tiffany always goes the extra mile to ensure payroll is spot on and ready to go.


wendyvasquez linkedin Wendy Vasquez, STONEFIRE Grill

Wendy single handedly manages all payroll and benefits functions for 1500 people with a smile on her face!


A BIG thank you to all payroll professionals!!!

This blog post was written by Allyson Edwards and may not be copied or published without PeopleGuru’s express written permission.

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