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4 Keys to Retaining Top Talent in Your Organization

Posted by Alexa Rivera on Sep 28, 2021 2:23:59 PM
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Let’s face it; everyone goes into the recruiting process seeking the best of the best. When was the last time you heard an interviewer say they’re looking for an average employee? Chances are never. And while it is hard enough to recruit exceptional employees, it is even more challenging to retain them.

Nevertheless, it is proven that top performers deliver 18% better than the average employee. You get the picture—top talent in your company is exactly what you want. So how do you keep them wanting you?

1. A nice salary just isn't enough.

Yep, you heard us right. Read that again; the salary isn’t enough. Everyone wants to make more money, yet still, employees are valuing income less and quality of life more from year to year.
What’s more than good payment are all the other cushy perks you can offer. Paid time off and vacations are a great place to start to give that work-life balance employees so desperately seek. Even more, are benefits like good insurance and 401k plans, but many would still consider this monetary.

Believe it or not, free food and drinks go a long way! Call this company culture, but a perk like catering weekly or snacks in the office break room can be that cherry on top that keeps top talent in their desks for a little while longer.

And while a nice salary isn’t always enough, the opportunity for growth and development is still a major incentive to get your people to stay. Studies show that a whopping 75% of millennials job-hop to advance their career. People are constantly changing jobs and even career paths which can not only look bad for the individual, but for the organization.

2. Encourage a positive company culture.

We’ve all experienced that job that we dread walking into. It’s extremely difficult to work in a toxic environment. Whether it’s a snide coworker, a condescending manager, or just the eerie feeling of low office morale, this can certainly cause employees to run for the hills- and fast!

Luckily, there are tons of ways to improve your environment and company culture. Maybe begin with some good old fashion team bonding, or throw a small birthday celebration. Whatever it takes to rid the toxicity and bring in a little peace is exactly what you need to prioritize to keep that rock star employee in your presence.

As an aside, be sure you show your appreciation to employees (yes, even those who aren’t top performers!) Maybe you could be that push they needed to work a little harder.

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3. Encourage Workplace Flexibility

Let’s be honest here; it is 2021. Rigid traditional 9-5 schedules may be the very first thing that causes you to lose that employee you’ve just hired on and are so excited about. As we mentioned earlier, people value work- life balance more than ever and with more digital natives joining the workforce every year, this sure isn’t changing anytime soon.

With the adoption of zoom and other digital platforms to communicate with coworkers, there is rarely a need to be in the office all day, every day, with no exceptions. So, getting on board with a flexible workplace policy may be that element that sets you apart from a competitor looking to snatch your talent.

4. Get up to date

Technology is moving fast, yet still, there is no excuse for not moving with it. Most employees appreciate an organization that is up to date. Consider this your time to reevaluate your systems, your employee onboarding system may very well be the first place to start. Retaining new hires begins with a fast and seamless onboarding process and ends with flawless office communication systems.

In conclusion, be sure that you’re giving your top talent a reason to stick around, or they might just bring their exceptional talent elsewhere. Consider what benefits you provide beyond payment, the essence of your office culture, the flexibility you allow, and the technology you adopt.

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