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PeopleGuru's Ultimate Holiday Playlist 2021

Posted by Alexa Rivera on Nov 30, 2021 10:30:09 AM
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The holidays are finally upon us, and sometimes we need a little bit of holiday cheer to get us through the day. Especially, the workday.

That’s why PeopleGuru has created the ultimate holiday playlist packed with 5 hours of classic and modern holiday songs to bring joy to the workplace. Let’s say maybe five hours of Holiday music just isn’t for you. We don’t get it, but we aren’t judging! We’ve also compiled a variety of Spotify playlists in all different genres to get you through the end of the year.

We hope it will help you power through and keep chugging along to the end of 2021!

PeopleGuru’s Playlist:

We covered all of the Holiday bases in this playlist from Pentatonix to John Lennon, and from Michael Bubble to John Legend. Handpicked and thoughtfully assembled, you can grab our playlist right here:

Ultimate Holiday Playlist


Today’s Top Hits

Sometimes you can’t go wrong with the basics. The most popular of the Spotify playlists, this one has all recent releases across genres for the average Joe or Jane.

Indie playlist

With 29,000 likes, this playlist has classic Indie hits perfect for the nostalgic Indie lover. With over 150 songs, you’re sure to have enough music to last you a full day in the office.

Lush Lofi

For the Lofi workers, Lush Lofi is the perfect Spotify playlist for you. Featuring the newest chill instrumental beats, this music is meant to improve focus and boost mood.

Rock Party

For those into Rock, this playlist has the perfect mix of new music and classic hits for you to jam to throughout your workday.

Some Honorable Mentions:

Hot Country

Viva Latino!

Classical Essentials

Funky Heavy Bluesy

I Love My ‘90s Hip-Hop

Throwback R&B 90s/00s

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