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What Your Employees Really Want This Holiday Season

Posted by Alexa Rivera on Nov 29, 2021 10:12:12 AM
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holiday employeesThe most wonderful time of the year comes with its fair share of stressors, and much of the stress revolves around gift giving. For the typical employer, there is certainly no exception. 94% of individuals want a gift from their employer to make them feel valued.

Besides simply determining whether to give out gifts to all employees, the executive must also determine what an adequate gift is, the appropriate budget, if the budget will vary depending on the role, and even if a holiday party might affect these decisions.

Luckily, there are plenty of options that employees really want, and many of them are more affordable than you probably assume. And just a gentle nudge—none of them are socks.

So what do your employees want for the Holidays?

True Engagement

Unfortunately, we are in a time of extreme disconnect. Whether the issue lies in remote work situations or simply just the state of the world, it is easy for your people to feel out of the loop.

A simple personal phone call or letter wishing Happy Holidays can go a very long way! Another great idea is to consider taking the season as an opportunity to partake in some team-building events. A simple coffee chat or happy hour is an easy way to keep your employees engaged.

Flex Time and Bonuses

It may or may not come as a surprise to learn that 41% of people want a bonus from their company during the holidays. As we mentioned, gift giving is quite a stressor, and employees deserve holiday bonuses if that is something you can manage.

If you are not financially able to give bonuses, perhaps consider offering extra paid time off, remote options, or flex hours during this time of year in which many industries experience lulls in workload.

Holidays or not, it is always important to remember that personal time is a valuable resource to just about everyone.

Mental Health Resources

While this does not necessarily replace a thoughtful gift, offering options for mental health care will undoubtedly show your employees that you care. As we mentioned earlier, the state of the world has not gotten easier since the onset of the pandemic though it is certainly still changing.

A great place to begin is offering access to a network of professionals and encouraging the use of an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Reassurance and Feedback

Finally, there is nothing like showing appreciation, reassuring a job well done, and actively listening to employee feedback. Recognizing employees for their hard work improves employee engagement by 5%.

Furthermore, 90% of workers say they’re more likely to stay at companies that take and act on feedback. So open the floor for conversation and be sure to make some changes accordingly.

But Gurus, What about Actual Gifts?

We mentioned that most employees still do really want gifts, and if you have the budget for it, there are so many unique options out there at various price points.

Here are some of our suggestions:

  • Sherpa, weighted or heated blankets
  • Portable or Bluetooth charger
  • Wireless speakers or headphones
  • A wine or beer flight
  • Alcohol making kit
  • Unique or personal gift cards
  • Company swag
  • A personal, well-thought-out book

We hope we have you thinking about your gift giving options and alternatives. For more holiday content, check out our blog and infographic: Five Alternatives to Office Parties.

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